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Hire Elegance

Coastal Elegance Awards Dinner

Westin Carlsbad

Hire Elegance had the amazing opportunity to produce a corporate awards dinner at the new Westin Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, CA. As guests were welcomed to cocktail hour, they were greeted by a world class ocean view and vibrant sunset. Hire Elegance chose to mix coastal and modern aspects together to welcome a French Riviera atmosphere. Guests were then moved inside the new Atrium that was complete with a soft blue draping and metallic gold tones. The room was fit for a group of winning sales professionals with a geometric stage and velvet lounge accents.

Google's Growth Summit

Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA

Google's Growth Summit was held at the Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA. Hire Elegance provided a full scope of rentals and custom fabrication to fulfill the summit needs from the conference meetings to the social hours of the summit. Hire Elegance provided the tables, chairs, lounge seating, charging stations, cabanas and back drops to custom fabrications such as the 3D oversized “Google” logo that could act as additional lawn seating, a 4-way bar and photo booth cabana w/ backdrop on the Arroyo Terrace. In addition to the custom staging and backdrops created for the meetings inside the Maurice Ballroom.  Every detail of event decor needs was well thought out and executed by Hire Elegance to meet Google’s event specifications. 

Private Beach Events in Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

After the holidays Hire Elegance found themselves by the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They produced two fabulous events for a great corporate partner at the new Le Blanc Resort. For the first night they invited guests to a formal terrace  dinner complete with cascading drape and crystal chandeliers. Elegance at its’ finest! Two days later Hire Elegance welcomed guests to an all white beach party fit with cabanas to dine under and wooden tee pees where guests could lounge and enjoy the amazing view.

MLB Rebranding

Padres Rebranding

One San Diego sports team got a makeover this past year! The San Diego Padres chose to rebrand and revamp their team colors and logo which resulted in a launch party for their players, staff and fans! Hire Elegance provided a custom carpet runner that showcased the teams new colors and logo. They also custom built freestanding letters that spelled out the teams rebrand slogan - “Brown is Back”. Sleek and branded lounge furniture welcomed guests as they entered the stadium and took in the teams’ new look!

Intimate Holiday Party

New Years Eve Malibu

To ring in the new decade, Hire Elegance had the opportunity to produce an intimate New Years Eve party! This festive event took place at the Eatery in Malibu, CA where guests were surrounded by silver metallics and hints of wine as seen in the florals and custom chair pads. The sleek modern chairs and tables paired with the elegant draping and chandeliers made for a spectacular evening! Hire Elegance provided the decor, carpet, dance floor and lighting.

Modern Events in South Florida

Naples, Florida

Come Spring, Hire Elegance had the opportunity to travel to Naples, Florida to produce two back-to-back birthday festivities for a special family! On the first evening, guests were transported to a modern and island themed event. This night was complete with gold geometric chandeliers and pops of colorful and unique decor. For the second night, guests were welcomed into a regal and art deco setting. The gold velvet drape and clean white carpet accompanied with baroque and floral print furniture made for a stunning setting!

Teen Choice Awards

On-beach stage Hermosa Beach

Design details were true to the youthful, exuberant spirit of teenagers, but was chic enough that any adult would love to hang out. Hire Elegance provided  the tent structures for the event, along with an array of brightly colored furniture, accent pieces, rugs and custom backdrops. In addition to custom fabricated pieces to showcase the Teen Choice brand.